MCI Certification Benefits

MCI Certifications Benefits

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MCI Certification Benefits

Students and Professionals 

MCI training and certification is designed to put students and professionals in touch with companies that are looking for highly-qualified and MCI certified talent. By receiving MCI certification, you will:

  • Connect with top management consulting and other companies by uploading your resume to our online database.
  • Set yourself apart from other job candidates with certification from the Management Consulting Institute.
  • Increase the value of your personal brand on social networks through certification.


MCI certification was designed to help companies quickly fill positions that require highly qualified individuals that have a proven track record of success through a rigorous certification process. By certifying your workforce or posting new job positions on MCI, you will:

  • Connect with qualified candidates by posting your job openings to our online database.
  • Continue to develop your workforce and provide them with the tools to tackle increasingly complex problems.
MCI Certification Benefits